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Friday, October 15, 2010

Mattel Tag Allows Your Dog to Tweet

The new Mattel tag allows your furry friend to send out tweets. According to Sue Manning, Associated Press:

Puppy Tweets is an electronic dog tag with a sensor that you attach to your dog's collar. It detects your pet's movements and sounds and sends a variety of tweets to a Twitter page you set up for your dog on a computer or smart phone. You can invite all your friends to be followers, too.

You can find Puppy Tweets at places like They retail for approximately $25 and would make an excellent gift for a dog lover.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Loving Pets Products

I was recently able to receive products from Loving Pets Products and my furry family was so pleased!

The Bella Bowls are gorgeous! They're veterinarian-recommended stainless steel dog bowls and pet feeding dishes by combining a stainless interior with an attractive poly-resin exterior. A removable rubber base prevents spills, eliminates noise, and makes Bella Bowls fully dishwasher safe. Bella Bowls are available in an expanding palette of decorative colors and designs. Bella Bowls Stainless Steel pet dishes come in five sizes, sure to be a perfect fit for your dog, cat or any other pet. It's the only bowl on the market with a patented stainless steel interior bonded to the plastic shell as one unit.

The treats were a huge hit as well. We tried out the Vegitopia line in sweet potato and apple and all three dogs begged for more. Vegitopia treats are fresh picked produce from the farm. With simple, all natural, healthy ingredients, and a taste that your dog is sure to love, Vegitopia will become a favorite for you and your pampered pet. This simple, delicious, and healthy treat gives pets the vitamins and minerals needed for great physical and dental health, including Vitamins A, B, and C, Fiber, Potassium, Beta Carotene, and more.

You can visit their site and find stores near you that sell their products with the easy search function. I found about 13 stores close by and if that isn't an option recommend your local store carry Loving Pet Products or visit an online store such as Amazon or PetSmart.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Red Dingo Dog Tags

I got the cutest tag for Swan today from Rover in Clover. It's their designer set of Red Dingo dog tags and I love it. Swan looks so adorable in her swanky pink dog tag and it even comes with her name and phone number on the back. That's a good idea too because Swan can never remember her number and if she got lost we don't know what we'd do.

Rover in Clover
has a huge selection of dog tags and charms to make any furry friend feel in style and shipping is free in the United States! I highly recommend these gorgeous dog tags and charms for anyone looking to protect their dog with style.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kiki Hamann Canine Couture

For the first time, a fashion designer has turned their attention towards
man’s best friend. Kiki Hamann Canine Couture is a highly imaginative
brand that creates the very best in high-end canine merchandise. Aimed
at the stylish dog lover, designs are promised an exclusive hand-made
touch, and range from one-of-a-kind harnesses and handbags to chic
apparel. Kiki Hamann creates her unique products from top quality
materials such as leather, suede, faux fur, fine lace and silk, with
guaranteed durability and attention to artisanship.
All pieces are best known for their trendy and lavish detail and are
made in the U.S. This luxury brand is respected enough to attract
designer Uberto Gucci himself. Most recently, Kiki Hamann has
created a special trousseau for Uberto Gucci’s Chihuahua Prickly.
“Astonishing! What a super doggy bed. Kiki, my wife is crazy over it.
In my personal opinion, you have outdone yourself. Brava!” —Gucci.
The brand targets smaller breeds of dogs, but can customize items for
all breeds upon request. Kiki Hamann’s limited-edition products can be
purchased directly from her website, or from
one of the many exclusive retail partners around the world.

When elegance and passion is combined with functionality, the result
is a highly desirable product. The never-before-seen timeless dog
merchandise is made to match today’s trends in fashion. Only the best
materials are used in the manufacturing of the luxury items, and no real
animal fur is ever incorporated. KHCC collections are presented to the
public with the same respect and manner as those of the best Haute
Couture Maisons of the world. Kiki Hamann knows that the world
becomes more dog-friendly when style and fine craftsmanship is added
to traditional dog products.

Genuine Leather Collection
• Handbags
• Pouches
• Beds
• Vest-Harnesses

“Ready to Wear” Collection
• Handbags
• Vest-Harnesses (Hand Painted Airbrush / Rhinestones)
• Pouches
• Casual Dresses

Signature Line
• Signature Dresses
• Signature Winter Coats
• Signature Beds
• Signature Vest-Harnesses

Travel Gear
• Airline Approved Carriers
• Reversible Pouches

• OnBlonde Pet Spa + Boutique- Palm Beach, FL USA
• The Pet Club- Miramar, FL USA
• Chic Chien: Luxury Pet Accessories- Germany
• Fluffy Boutique- Norway
• Glitzy Paws – Australia
• Tier Kollektion – Switzerland
• KHCC – Brazil


With an unmatched visual arts and fashion background, celebrity
designer Kiki Hamann has built a successful Canine Couture business,
combining her love of dogs and fashion. For many years, she has been
designing and creating stylish canine merchandise that suits not only the
dog, but the distinguished dog owner as well. In the past, her high-end
work has been featured in the Luxury Living Fair in Norway, reviewed
by the Financial Times of Germany and made numerous appearances in
widely held red carpet fashion shows, local TVs and newspapers. Kiki
Hamann believes her highly desirable product is due to the combination
of three elements: uniqueness, elegance and functionality.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You Lucky Dog

You Lucky Dog June 26, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, 8C on The Hallmark Channel

Get ready to set your DVR's or make it a family night this Saturday. Hallmark Channel is premiering their movie, You Lucky Dog and you'll want to be there. I was privileged to be able to view this movie and within just a few minutes I was hooked.

You Lucky Dog stars Harry Hamlin and Natasha Henstridge and let's not forget Lucky, a Border Collie with tons of personality.

When Lisa's mother dies she heads back to the farm she grew up where her dad and brother still reside. You see, Lisa was rumored to be part of the New York City fashion scene. Her brother has spent all of his money on "special" sheep that produce a different kind of wool so he can help the farm finally make money. There is a lot of tension between the family about how the farm is run and it doesn't help whatsoever when Lisa wants to add a herding dog to the mix. This is where Lucky comes in.

Taken to the pound by a neighboring sheep rancher, Lisa decides to teach Lucky to herd and herd she does. Not only does Lucky become an excellent herder but she also becomes a local hero after a storm causes a fire. There's more to this story as it has a rich back story involving love, business and family matters.

To tell you any more would ruin this heartwarming and inspirational movie. I found myself captivated the entire time and plan to watch it again with my husband. You can find You Lucky Dog June 26, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, 8C on The Hallmark Channel. So grab your family and make it a family night with a movie that everyone will enjoy.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Wet Noses

I recently got to try some of the wonderful Wet Noses products. My doggies got the peanut butter and molasses treats and the Little Stars sweet potato training treats. Needless to say, they loved it!

Everything at Wet Noses is 100% organic and baked in convection ovens for easier digestion. Even the packaging is environmentally friendly!

There are so many treats to choose from and I bet your dog would love every single one of them, I know mine did. You can even become a fan on Facebook to get special deals and offers.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gorgeous leather dog collars for a great price!

My sister-in-law Allie found these amazing dog collars on Etsy, a fabulous place to find handmade items for your pets (and you, too!) Michelle makes these collars from hand, in a variety of color choices for the leather collar and metal hardware accents.

The leather is distressed and available in the following colors: black, chocolate, brown, light carmel brown, red, mahogany, maroon, yellow, orange, purple, green, blue, royal blue, navy blue, deep teal, aqua, turquoise. The leather has been treated with an oil that both softens and protects the leather. It was then dyed deep teal and then gently distressed to have the perfect aged look. You can get the leather in a variety of thicknesses which is perfect to customize for your small, medium, or large dog!

The plate can be made of copper or brass, is cut with the dogs name stamped on it and it was attached to the collar with 2 dots studs to either side. ( studs can be left off if you dont want them) The entire collar is customizable and gorgeous!

Pricing depending on the size and type of color selected is in the $20-35 range, a steal for this type of customized and gorgeous collar. Check out Michelle's shop of collars, tags, and other items. They are gorgeous!

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